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Customer Key & Pell
Lion Barn Industrial Estate Site

Job - Design & Upgrade Warehouse and External Lighting.

Client Brief. The existing fluorescent light fittings are dirty, old and some not functioning, the current light level is so low labelling cannot be read on stock. Design required to cost effectively replace the lighting to bring it up to current standards with a CIBSE Guide light level of approx. 200 lux. The external lighting fittings are old and in need of updating.

Faraday Electrical Solutions Limited (Phil Coleman) visited site and accessed the existing wiring and installation, we provided 3 design options, option 1 to replace the existing fittings with Dexeco 154w LED Low bay light fittings see attached data sheet, option 2 was to replace with 250w son low bays, Option 3 replace with twin 49w high frequency, non-corrosive fluorescent light fittings, We provided a cost to install for the solutions and a running cost for the solutions, whist the LED light fittings were a higher cost for the installation, the energy saving of the fittings along with the fact the LED fittings require no maintenance for 50,000 hours ensured a pay pack of 5 years and continued savings going forward for nearly 20 years. Based on 10 hours per day and 5 days per week the fittings will not need any maintenance apart from cleaning.

10 no 154w LED fittings 1540w provided an average of 314 Lux, total installed load 3.94w per M2, these replaced 12 no 125w and 6 no 58w twin fluorescent fittings, 7020w provided 150 lux at 17w/M2 when new, Drop off of light from Fluorescent is high with lamp replacement required every 4000 hours or 2 years in this case, LED lighting has no drop off constant low temperature lighting.

In the yard 1no 150w & 3 no 70w son fittings were replaced for 1 no 50w LED Flood light and 3 no 30w LED Flood lights. Not only is it now a white light but the illumination of the area has also been significantly increased.

Please contact Faraday Electrical Solutions if you are experiencing low light levels and high running and maintenance costs on your warehouse or external Lighting. We can provide a free design and evaluation solution.

Key and Pell Warehouse photo 1

Key and Pell Warehouse photo 2

Key & Pell project description (PDF)



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